Ad-Deen Mosque, Taihape Islamic Centre

The highest Islamic Centre in New Zealand, standing at 440m above sea level



We are pleased to provide a centre for Muslims to stop, pray and rest in the middle of North Island along the busiest road, SH1.

Taihape has long been used by Muslims travelling from Auckland, Hamilton and Taupo to Wellington or Palmerston North. Before the centre was established in 2014, Muslims used to pray by the train station or behind the main public toilets. 

It is with the supplications of Muslims who have used to stop here and pray that one day there will be a centre for them to stop, pray and rest, that this centre is established.

We pray that you fully utilise the facility and treat it like your own home and Insha Allah, more Islamic Centres like Taihape will sprout on smaller towns around the country.

We are also pleased to advise that we have our very own Halal Restaurant, Straits Kitchen at 59 Hautapu Street, Taihape (just across the Taihape Town Hall on the main road)

 We hope to see you in your next journey!

JazakAllah Khair

Saifudin Abu


Ad-Deen Taihape Islamic Trust

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